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Nuzu coffee can deliver our award winning coffee direct to your business premises during the week.



Nuzu can be at your next event serving hot drinks at weddings, birthday parties, markets, movie nights or charity events.

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Flat White. Latte. Chai. Cappuccino. Long Black. Picollo. Hot Chocolate. Frappe. Smoothie. Almond Milk. Soy. Lactose Free. You name it, Zumo has got it!

About Nuzu

Organic award winning Nuzu blend coffee.
Flat White Latte HotChoc Chai Mocha Picollo Frappe Smoothie

Nuzu (previously known as Zumo) mobile coffee van is the Gold Coast’s #1 Organic Coffee van. We will deliver straight to your office door or provide the best coffees at your next event. We also serve ice cold, organic Nitro coffee for those hot days. One of the original coffee vans on the Gold Coast, our Nuzu van has been roaming the local streets since 2005. It’s well known presence at the Miami Organic Markets for many years provided hot drinks to all those who attended. These days, Nuzu focuses on providing the best coffees delivered to your office door with a smile. We are available for events of any kind, weddings, birthday parties, markets, movie nights, car shows, fetes, we have even been on film sets! We pride ourselves on providing you with the best customer service and the best coffees you will drink! Call us now to book in for your next event, or see if we can pass by your business during the week.

  • Jason is your barista, and makes an awesome coffee!

  • We pride ourselves on giving you excellence

  • Serving award winning beans from local roaster Premiato

  • Great options to go with your morning brew. Loads of healthy options.

Nuzu in Action